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4 first swiss timers

Hi! We're four first timers @BM! We come from switzerland and we're a bit lost but we absolutely want to share our skills and joy. We're two lyric singers (also...

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Playa Photo Collaboration

As a 3 time burner, who is not able to go this year, I thought it would be cool to create a collage of Playa photos by random burners and all intermixed in a St...

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wish you had a resourceful camp member? worry no more! :)

Hi there, I'm Avital, a 28 female from Israel, finally on my way to the playa and looking for a camp and company. I'm a resourceful and cheerful person, cra...

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$Free of course

Looking for a Stage to Release a New Track

Hi there, We're hoping to release our band's first dance track on the playa this year. Our band is called the Charcole Federation and we feature a sitar, ...

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Cook/Seamstress/Artsy looking for early entry

We are looking for early entry passes...we can help with large scale or just delicious food making/any sewing task (will have machine and generator)/general bui...

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Ride from Aspen co

I've a ticket out of the blue and now I'm putting together my plan. I'm opening to joining a group. I've been doing healing work all my life I'd love to share...

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if you need a dj set

if you need a dj set in your bar camp or anywhere , im ready to play lovely music ! :) https://soundcloud.com/suicideclubbing

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Will cook for hugs

I'm a first time burner who's trying to find a place where I can help the most! I like cooking in bulk for people, pretty much making anything. I'm really good ...

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Searching …

Hi there ~ I am travelling alone and hope to find a safe place to camp. I am light but complex, drama free, easy going especially if folks are respectful =) ...

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Moropolis and the Hero’s Journey seeking collaborators


Moropolis and the Hero’s Journey seeking collaborators

The MoEmbassy of Motropolis is organizing an InterCamp Labyrinth Inspired by Joseph Campbell's theory. We seek camps, art installations and collaborators to be ...

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Flamingos FTW Seeks Campmates

We’re a brand new camp for Burning Man 2014. We’ve got some exciting art, interaction and community ideas and we’re keen to take on new members, particularly th...

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Calling All Oenophiles to The French Quarter!

Are you a wine lover looking for an awesome place to camp? Are you interested in volunteering at The Black Rock Wine Cellar/Vineyards with some of your many vin...

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Black Rock Public Library

Black Rock Public Library returns in 2014! If you live in the SF Bay area, we'd love your help building up our collection again this year. We're especially look...

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Free Photography Zone


Established Burning Man Camp Seeks New Members

Greetings. Some of our regulars are not going to be able to join us this year so we are looking for a few good campmates. Posting early because I will be out...

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Welder available

I just completed the welding program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (AAS). I have my own machines to weld the following processes GMAW (Mig), FCAW, ...

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Dr. Baron von Realz Esq.


Dr. Baron von Realz Esq. most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered rea...

“Dr. Baron von Realz Esq. most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered reality and debauchery” needs you. Come join our circus of freaks and be a part of the ...

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DJ looking to make your camp a happy, dancing place

Hi, all - I'll be working hard as a member of the Playa Bike Repair camp. But in between, I'm looking for places to come make a happy camp by providing great...

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Moai self-consuming, Cargo Cult


Calling IT / internet folks, considering new apprentice(s)

Fire art in reverse, or "Fire Inside" is entertainment that produces undeniable playa artifacts to carry their magic beyond the playa. A new art form emerges......

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pciness_cups-WEB1-785909then delete


Graphic designer to create Burning Tarot deck for 2014

Dusty, mature Burning Man art project seeks slinky graphic designer for romantic walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and soft jazz lovemaking on the waterbed...

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Organic Veggie Camp Seeks Campers/Participants

For the 4th consecutive year WMICC Organic fruit and veggie bar will be bringing thousands of pounds of organic produce to the playa and we need your help! Come...

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Female BM Virgins seeking Camp

(2) Female BM Virgins seeking a camp to call home for the week. We are massage therapists (one from Brazil the other from England) who practice yoga and breath ...

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Journey with us to the WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Wheel of Fortune is a interactive installation & divination tool featuring the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot and Inspired by a circle of women. Created...

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camp juicy photo


Resident and Guest DJs needed

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1406471822925688/ DJs NEEDED at Burning Man--! Noon-5 everyday We are CAMP JUICY/FREQUENCY, a well established camp at 4:20@A....

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Architect Needed

Looking for an architect/architect-in-training to get involved in a large scale, art installation for 2015. We have preliminary, structural drawings, but these ...

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BAB Outside Sign


Broken Angel Bathhouse looking for campers!

Burners still looking to join a camp? The Broken Angel Bathhouse is looking for campers! Join us in creating this house of water and copper an silk! We are devo...

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I'm looking forward dj my music Im a los Angeles underground producer 3232020813 give me a chance to dj. My music http://soundcloud.com/manny-llaves-aka-men...

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LoboMan at the Forest (Best installation ever!)



Hello Community! I'm looking forward to my third burn!!! My first two years I have been witnessing the most amazing event on earth develop in front of my ey...

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Hi !! I have written some lyrics on ideology of Burning Man. I am searching people who can turn these lyrics into song with music. Best Regards, Puneet Shar...

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camp juicy photo


CAMP JUICY/FREQUENCY needs campers/tickets

CAMP JUICY- looking for tickets and campers! 420@A, we make smoothies/beats afternoons. DJs also needed. Please contact Matthew Witmer at 310 594-4979 or mcw...

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Nails, the contraption


Nails, The Contraption

Ten Nails Balanced on the Head of One! Impossible, you say? Imagine it... towering above you! A tribute to the artists and engineers who walk that fine line ...

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