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I would like to offer my skills and time to do some painting on the playa. I have currently been helping paint/build the spiritual oasis pyramid and will be oit...

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camp juicy photo


DJ GEAR needed at CAMP JUICY 420@A

Hello playa DJs!!! We are camp juicy, at 420@A. we make smoothies and beats in the afternoons. Currently, we have two 2500 watt generators. one for smoothie...

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Two First Time Burners looking for camp/advice/anything else

My buddy and I are first timers and have little to no idea what to expect but are completely stoked on experiencing whatever is thrown at us. If you could use u...

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Goulie looking for gigs

Veteran burner returning for his 11th year on the playa. I usually play shows and am putting feelers out there to see if anyone has a stage / sound system place...

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Camp with Anat’s Love Camp!

Anat's Love Camp has some extra space and is hoping that you would love to camp with us. This year we have placement at a lovely location at 6:15 & Ephesus...

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SNAP Lounge; Founder at the back corner.


Camp SNAP seeks Early Arrival Carpenter/Handy Man

Seeking help to build Camp SNAP (Silly Nerdy Activities Playground) at 3 & D. We have everything, we just need help AKA manpower put it all together! Great ...

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Calling Guest Healers

Many of you are brilliant bodyworkers, energy healers, divine therapists or other healing practitioners who are doing AMAZING things in the world! Sacred Space...

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Berlin Based DJ Crew

Good Day fabolous fellow Burners, We're a DJ-Team from Berlin, Germany seeking to spin this year again. It's our way of contributing, since it's pretty much ...

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Room in camp for French and Russian virgins?

I'm French, she's Russian, and it's our first time burning this year. We would really love to join a theme camp to learn stuff and meet people, and not just be ...

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BAB Outside Sign


Broken Angel Bathhouse looking for campers!

Burners still looking to join a camp? The Broken Angel Bathhouse is looking for campers! Join us in creating this house of water and copper an silk! We are devo...

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Calling All Oenophiles to The French Quarter!

Are you a wine lover looking for an awesome place to camp? Are you interested in volunteering at The Black Rock Wine Cellar/Vineyards with some of your many vin...

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Black Rock Public Library

Black Rock Public Library returns in 2014! If you live in the SF Bay area, we'd love your help building up our collection again this year. We're especially look...

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Welder available

I just completed the welding program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (AAS). I have my own machines to weld the following processes GMAW (Mig), FCAW, ...

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DJ looking to make your camp a happy, dancing place

Hi, all - I'll be working hard as a member of the Playa Bike Repair camp. But in between, I'm looking for places to come make a happy camp by providing great...

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Free Photography Zone


Established Burning Man Camp Seeks New Members

Greetings. Some of our regulars are not going to be able to join us this year so we are looking for a few good campmates. Posting early because I will be out...

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Dr. Baron von Realz Esq.


Dr. Baron von Realz Esq. most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered rea...

“Dr. Baron von Realz Esq. most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered reality and debauchery” needs you. Come join our circus of freaks and be a part of the ...

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Join Project Flashlight: 5 Billion Candlepower on the Playa

Join a project creating art from the brightest searchlights ever made! Check out the video from the playa in 2013 at http://vimeo.com/74260487 For 2014, we'...

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The King Throne


Join Us in Making Mobile Thrones Art Project

Hi Burner Friends and Family - my team and I have been working on an interactive mobile art project for 2014 and are looking to add some additional love to our...

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Peacocky rachel


Little sister for lease; Virgin Burner but have festie experience

Being the youngest of 5 I'm always following my sisters around to find the cool crowd. Having an intense desire to attend BM2014, I must find family to help as ...

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bm 3012 006


Offering Nice Space For Performers

Club Neu Verboten is looking for any performers who may want to help with our interactivity efforts.The last two years we have been fortunate enough to be place...

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Bridgets Crossing - 6 (top)


Power and lighting lead wanted

Hello there. We're a team of artists coming across the atlantic to bring some large scale art to the playa, along with a rather glorious theme camp named Rec...

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poopingman small


Porta-Potties Volunteers Needed

Help make everyone's excremental experience a positive one each and every time! I have been monitoring the porta-potties for 13 years, and over time the city ha...

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Journey with us to the WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Wheel of Fortune is a interactive installation & divination tool featuring the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot and Inspired by a circle of women. Created...

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Old School Happy Hardcore

I love spinning Happy Hardcore from the 90's. I have a formidable collection of the hard to come by classics. I know its not the most popular music on the Playa...

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Electronic Swing&Blues DJ offering his services

Hello fellow burners, I am a DJ/Producer from Germany coming back to Burning Man this year. I've had gigs last time I was on the playa 2011 and would like to...

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Marriage proposal flash mob

Hi, I want to propose to my soul mate on the Playa this year, I have always loved the feeling and excitement and obvious spontaneity of flash mobs, and what be...

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Attention Theme Camp Leads – Scheduling help available

Theme Camp leads, I’m here to offer you and your camp access to the software the Burning Man Organization uses to schedule many of the volunteers for its int...

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Welder available

I just completed the welding program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (AAS). I have my own machines to weld the following processes GMAW (Mig), FCAW, ...

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Donate Old Costumes and Clothing

Hey Burners! We are a theme camp that specializes in providing costumes and accessories to burners in need of some fashion restoration! If you have old costumes...

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Assignable LED Programmer Needed

We are looking for assistance from anyone knowledgeable in assignable LED Strips. You don't need to be physically present at the build site if you live out of s...

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